Earlier this week I saw a rainbow and lightning bolt at the same time. It was unreal. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a good picture. Photographing lightning bolts is beyond me, and my phone’s camera didn’t have a wide enough lens to get the entire skyline in frame. Still, I think the picture I managed to take is pretty unreal:




  1. Unreal? Really? Yeah, I know it’s a commonly misused adjective, but “amazing” will do better. 😉
    I’ve not seen rainbows and lightning simultaneously so good for you.

  2. Gary, yes, really. I didn’t even misuse the word. Unreal isn’t the same as “not real.” Unreal means so strange as to appear not real. There’s a huge difference between not being real and merely appearing not to be real..

    I’m sure I make plenty of semantic mistakes, but I do get things right from time to time 😉

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