Sexism is Bad, Say Sexists

Modern day feminism confuses me. I support equality for all people, but that’s not what the feminism I’m presented with is about. I’ve posted one example of the sort of absurdity I get from modern day feminists. I could post dozens of others. People don’t care that much about my personal life though, so I’ll discuss an example not involving me.

The blogger Tamino recently published a piece which began with the absurd remark:

If you’re a man, be ashamed.

Tamino is ostensibly fighting for equality for the sexes. He does so by saying one sex is terrible. Over, and over, and over. And if you disagree with him:

I already know that #NotAllMen are sexual abusers or potential rapists. If that’s your attitude — then **** YOU. Because #YesAllMenAreTheProblem. Except maybe Jimmy Carter.

According to Tamino, if you’re a man, you suck. Why? Because women are weak, helpless wretches. As he explains, it’s all men’s fault because:

The fact remains that we’re running the show — including you and me — and we let this happen.

My name is Brandon. That means I’m running the show. All you women out there are powerless creatures beholden to my whims. You are weak, and you have never had any control over this world. I, in my 27 years of life, have let all of you live in constant fear of being raped:

Women live constantly with the threat of assault by men

I’ve let you live in constant fear because:

I’ve been in the company of men — and women — when sexist remarks are made, belittling women, objectifying them, even “jokingly” legitimizing rape. But I usually don’t raise a stink about it. I let it slide. “Boys will be boys.” Yes, I have been part of the problem.

It doesn’t matter if people make similarly sexist remarks about me. My name is Brandon. That means I can handle such remarks. You can’t though. You’re just too weak. That’s why Tamino is happy when one of his commenters says:

3) There is never – NEVER a reason for a man to hit a woman. I was taught that by my father, and have taught that to my son. Even if she’s beating the tar out of you, you are not to hit her. You can try and stop the damage (best done by walking away), but hitting is never allowed. If i ever caught my son doing so, I’d handle it in a very strong way that he would know my position.

You’re pathetic. You can beat me. You can rape me. You can murder me. It doesn’t matter. My name is Brandon. That makes me better than you. That’s why hitting you would be wrong – you’re a weak, victimized waif:

ALL women are the victims

You are not my equal. You are just a hapless creature I need to protect.

And if I believed any of that, I’d slit my own throat.

All people are equal. Women don’t need to be coddled and babied. Men don’t need to be castracized and humiliated. Black people don’t need to be pitied. White people don’t need to be embarrassed. Gay people don’t need to be closeted. Straight people don’t need to be ashamed.

It is terrible sexual harassment and assault is as common as it is. It is terrible no matter what body the victim or perpetrator may have. That doesn’t mean women need to be treated as second-rate humans though. Women can be strong. Women can be independent. Women can be everything men can be. And yes, women can be heard when they need help.

That’s the world I want to live in. That’s the world I believe we can live in. I’d like to do what I can to help create that world. As a first step, I suggest telling people like Tamino:

You’re a sexist pig. Shut up.



  1. Just have a quick look at Sub-Saharan Africa or the Middle East. Women are far better off here (you know, where they occupy jobs as politicians, CEOs, business owners, etc) than there.

    In Western countries, they’re more educated, on average, than men. Never-married women make more money than never-married men. They have all the opportunity men do. The fact that they are physically weaker than men puts them at higher risk of assault. But, statistics show that there’s strength in numbers and married people are far less likely to be the victim of assault (domestic or otherwise) than unmarried people. Further, as the saying goes, handguns are the great equalizer. My wife carries a firearm daily. You can bet she doesn’t go around in fear because she is confident in her ability to meet any threat that comes at her.

    (Sources: Economist Thomas Sowell for the pay stats and BJS for the crime stats)

    People like our friend Tamino are unable to think. For them, everything that happens around them creates an emotional response and they are unable to focus on anything other than emotion. Typically people like this are 13 years old and eventually grow up. Sadly, though, many don’t. Thus, we have Tamino.

  2. LR, ironically, modern day feminism seems more aligned against gun rights than with them. I’ve never quite understood how people complaining about a “war on women” could want to disarm women.

    (But you’ll note I actually used “ironically” appropriately there.)

  3. Yes… I am *personally* “running the show.” WTF – the premier of my province is a woman, the premier of the largest province (by population) in my country is a woman, and until recently the premier of the province with the fastest-growing economy was a woman. Condi Rice and Hillary Cliton *together* had less power than me to control the lives of women. And I – despite having a mother and a wife and daughter I love very much – deliberately created a society where “#yesallwomen” live in fear.

    Brandon, your problem was expecting rational thought from Grant Foster.

  4. dcardno, I’ve long since stopped expecting rational thought from him, but even so, this was still a surprise. There’s no way to predict in what form people’s irrationality will manifest. I never would have predicted this one.

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