Alarmists are Unpatriotic Bigots

Actually, they’re just idiots.

I had a post written about this. I lost it when a storm knocked out my power. My laptop, despite ostensibly having a battery, promptly died, destroying my work. This rewrite will be blunter.

I got an e-mail today from Emily Southard of Forecast the Facts, an organization which claims to “empower[] people to fight climate change denial and promote accurate information about the climate crisis.” It calls for people to support a petition to have Pat Sajak, host of Wheel of Fortune, fired for this tweet:

The e-mail says:

that’s exactly what Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak tweeted Monday night, when he called the over 63% of Americans who accept climate science “unpatriotic racists.”

An alarmist is someone who exaggerates a danger, causing needless worry or panic. This e-mail claims 63% of Americans exaggerate the dangers of global warming. It also claims accepting climate science means you must exaggerate the dangers of global warming. Even the most strident deniers would have a hard time finding a criticism so damning.

Misinformation is misleading information. The only information Sajak provided was about his beliefs. As Forecast the Facts says, that information was misleading. Sajak later explained:

So his earlier message was misinformation. He didn’t actually believe what he claimed he believed. According to Forecast the Facts:

This misinformation, from such a high-profile celebrity, creates public confusion on climate change.

I’m not sure how that works. I can’t imagine how Sajak misrepresenting his beliefs could cause “confusion on climate change.” I suspect that’s because Emily Southard is an idiot. I suspect the entire organization, Forecast the Facts, is filled with idiots. That’s the only reason I can see them saying:

Forecast the Facts is a grassroots organization that empowers people to fight climate change denial and promote accurate information about the climate crisis.

It takes a major stroke of stupidity to say you are trying to alert people to a “crisis” while labeling yourself alarmists, who by definition, create false crises.

Some people might say I’m being unreasonable because I know what Forecast the Facts meant. They’d be wrong. I’d let slips like these slide in a casual conversation with just an offhand joke.

But this wasn’t a casual conversation. This was a mass marketing campaign designed to have someone fired to help save the world. If it’s that important to them, they have no excuse for not knowing how to use a dictionary. Sixteen year-olds running for a high school student council could do a better job.

So here’s my response to Forecast the Facts:

If you want to save the world, do your cause a favor and stop sending me stupid spam mail.

While we’re at it, could someone tell my laptop manufacturer to look up the difference between “battery” and “capacitor”?



  1. Forecast the Facts is an interesting organization. They forecast nothing. And little if anything they demand is factual.

  2. Reblogged this on CraigM350 and commented:
    I follow them on twitter for the daily plunder of fact free tweets. Pretty sure they were howling that an EF1 tornado was proof of #ClimateChanged late last year. Idiots is being polite, they are Ambulance Chasing Climate Vultures waiting to swoop down and pick out the entrails of human sufferering (I am doing vultures a disservice as they at least provide benefit). The only thing they have to do with facts is a fanatical devotion to avoiding them.

  3. That is a risk with parody/satire/sarcasm, or even irony. It may be misunderstood or wilfully taken out of context.

    But how long has FtF been operating?

    I mean, It’s not as if people broadcasting alarm haven’t had at least two or three decades head start in their mission to fight “climate change denial”, as they put it. They had their chance to put a reasonable case, and blew it, long before the internet ever facilitated the unpersuaded to put their side of the argument.

  4. michael hart, I’m not sure how long it has been around. I know I first heard of them about two years ago, but I don’t pay much attention to groups like this. I don’t even know why they sent me an e-mail. I don’t think I signed up for a mailing list.

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