It’s a Fact

Guys, the global warming debate is over. We’ve alwaysn know the greenhouse effect is real. Now though, we know exactly how strong the greenhouse effect is. Skeptical Science tells us so:

Let’s summarize several basic facts, which we will then use to reproduce Figure 1:

  • Doubling the CO2 concentration (which is equivalent to 3.7 W/m2 increase in radiative forcing) causes temperature increase of 3°C.

Would you look at that? It’s not just a fact Earth’s sensitivity to a doubling of CO2 is 3°C. It’s a basic fact. If you don’t believe it, you’re just a dirty denier who refuses to admit the obvious.

And that includes the stupid Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, previously considered to be representative of the consensus on global warming. Those idiots just told us:

Equilibrium climate sensitivity is likely in the range 1.5°C to 4.5°C (high confidence), extremely unlikely less than 1°C (high confidence), and very unlikely greater than 6°C (medium confidence).

Clearly, they don’t know what they’re talking about. They aren’t aware it’s a basic fact the climate sensitivity is exactly 3°C.

Can you imagine anything so ridiculous?


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