The Dresden Files’s Storm Front, Part Two

I know I said I was going to get back to The Dresden Files then immediately wrote a post about a different subject. I also got distracted by other things. I expect I’ll be preoccupied by them for a bit, so I want to get this post out of the way. I need to explain why I hate reading Storm Front.

Like with my first <a href="
post about this book, I accept what I'm about to discuss may seem a minor issue. I understand it may not bother other people. However, it angers me every time I try to reread this book. The second paragraph of page 47 says:

s”We’ve got quite a bit of savings, Mr. Dresden,” she told me.” “I’m not worried about the money.” That seemed an odd statement from her, at the time – out of tune with her generally nervous manner.

That is not a typo. There really is a random “s” at the start of the paragraph. I cannot fathom how a book goes to press with such a glaring mistake. I know this is the first book of the series, and that means the editorial process was weakest for it. However, there is no reason an error like that should slip through.

This isn’t like a misspelling or grammatical mistake that can be easily missed. Nobody could mistake that as being correct. The only way to not see the problem is to just not see it. Did nobody bother to sit down and read the final version of the book before publishing it?

That said, fifty pages in, and aside from the two problems I’ve mentioned so far, the book is exactly what you’d want it to be. It has all the classic elements of the beginning to a noir story, and the occult aspect adds an interesting twist.



  1. Dresden Files – I love this series.

    I have read all of the books in the series and watched the entire season of the TV show.

    I highly recommend all of the Dresden Files books.

    I also love the Miles Vorkosigan series by Emma McMaster Bujold and the Honor Harrington series by David Weber.

  2. I’ve read up to Small Favor, but I’m worried to go much further. I’ve read/heard a bit about the next few books, and it makes me cringe. Mind control is a stupid plot device, and the books start to have it as a major plot device. Messing with Dresden’s memory in Small Favor was clever and well done. Influencing the thoughts of hundreds (if not more) in the later books is just lazy writing.

    I do intend to give them a try though. I could be surprised.

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