Returning to The Dresden Files

I’ve grown tired of writing about the annoying and ridiculous aspects of the climate change discussion. As such, I’ve decided to go with a palette cleanser. I’m going to return to looking at The Dresden Files. To get in the mood, I’ve decided to turn myself to the television show.

The eleventh episode (Things That Go Bump) of the television adaptation is the episode I remember the most from when it first aired. I caught several episodes of the show when they aired on television, but the eleventh episode is the only one I could describe any detail of years later. Several aspects of the episode stood out, but my favorite was always an exchange between the protagonist and his antagonistic superior:

“Some things never change. Always blowing things up.”
“I am not always blowing things up.”
“Right. Sometimes you set things on fire.”

You can say what you want about the television show. I know it was so far removed from the books it might as well have been unrelated. I don’t care. The show takes the best parts of Harry Dresden’s universes and creates a compelling world from them.

Plus, dialogue like that is awesome. How can you not love a protagonist described in terms like that?


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